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Fateh Singh Rathore

Fateh Singh Rathore was a fierce guardian of Rajasthan’s forests for more than fifty years. But Ranthambhore was always his first love. It was he, more than any other man, who transformed a degraded forest occupied by more than a dozen villages into the most celebrated tiger reserve in India. He was a proud son of the desert, born in a village near Jodhpur, but even after his official connection with the National Park ended, he could not bear to leave the beautiful home he had built on the forest’s western edge, in the shadow of its spectacular escarpment.

Tiger Safari

Ranthambore is one of the best reserves to spot the Tiger. Thanks to the work started by Fateh Singh Rathore and then by Tiger Watch, the foundation he helped launch, Tigers at Ranthambore are now multiplying.


The park is divided into 8 zones and all around the year is the best time to bring your camera and come to Ranthambore.


You can book online on at You can book safari only 365 days in advance. This is also the cheapest way to do it. Once you book you will get a receipt no. starting with the letters RNP only then is it confirmed. Please bring three copies with you or send us a digital copy and we will print it for you here.

You may use this user manual to navigate the government website to book safari:


Should you wish we can also put you in touch with local agents who can help you book your safari.


There are two safaris a day and you could choose either. Your options are a Gypsy (Jeep that seats 6) or a Canter (an open bus). The Gypsy with a fewer people or small families is always the more personal and friendlier way to discover the Park.


Zones 1-5 of the park are closed during the rains between July and September. Yet, the monsoons are great if you just want to enjoy the views and listen to the sound of the falling rain over a weekend. 

Fateh's Tiger Pictures

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