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About Us: Fateh's Retreat, where it all began

For the very first time, visitors to Ranthambore National Park will be able to stay at the farm that was the beloved home of the conservation hero who helped create it, Fateh Singh Rathore, the “Tiger Man of India.” Fateh was a proud son of the desert, born in a village near Jodhpur, and this is his beautiful home built on the forest’s western edge, in the shadows of its spectacular escarpment.

Members of his family, still living in his house, are your hosts. Tigers, leopards, sambar deer and other forms of wildlife still regularly visit the serene grounds of Fateh’s Retreat just as they did when Fateh lived here.

There are five large, beautifully-appointed double rooms, each offering a spectacular view of the forest and the Aravali Hills. And within the secluded lawns, and hedged between the trees, is a completely private infinity pool that overlooks the forest.


Home-cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner can be ordered and served on request.

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